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Urge 3 is proud to offer our clients safe, friendly, affordable custom tattooing in the Okanagan

Opening Hours

Monday Noon – 6:00 pm

Tuesday Noon – 6:00 pm

Wednesday Noon – 6:00 pm

Thursday Noon – 6:00 pm

Friday Noon – 6:00 pm

Saturday Noon – 6:00 pm

Sunday Noon – 6:00 pm


Jeff White

Kirk Sheppard




Great owner Jeff. Awesome place to go for a tattoo.

Karen Paget

Clean and proffesional while feeling friendly and inviting. And I love my tattoo

Teresa Best

Very very clean! The staff seemed knowledgeable albeit a little rough around the edges! Very much looking forward to have my tat done on friday!

Joelle Birknes

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