Okanagan born and raised artist, Mercedes, has been honing her art skills since the day she could even able to hold a simple crayon. After graduating Highschool and not knowing what she really wanted to do for a few years it finally clicked and she began perusing a career in tattooing. In the fall of 2019 she began apprenticing under the guidance of Kirk Sheppard and Jeff White.

A self proclaimed pop culture nerd with a love for nature, Mercedes is able to find inspiration from many aspects in life. Mercedes absolutely loves drawing anything spooky or cute and girly, leaning towards her favourites of American traditional, neo traditional and blackwork tattoo styles . As well as dabbling into more personal interests such as manga/anime style. Mercedes is grateful for the last 4 years  here at Urge 3 and to be learning the trade with some of the best mentors and coworkers she could ask for.