Jeff began his journey as an artist over 25 years ago. His experience and recognition for unique style led him to his home within the Urge family in Victoria BC. Jeff quickly established himself as a skilled artist with an openness to learn and grow, while providing excellent customer experiences. He was given the opportunity to work at Voodoo Tattoo in Barcelona, and several years later carrying onto Naxa Tattoo in Sant Antonio, Ibiza. Later spending time in Kyoto and Matsuyama, Japan working with a host of fabulous artists and embracing their techniques, knowledge and traditions along the way. Jeff’s goal has always been to expand into his own shop, which he had the honour of doing in 2017 in Penticton BC under the URGE family umbrella. Here he continues to keep the Urge traditions alive with an unmatched level of client care, clean quality tattooing while demonstrating his personal passion for emphasis on art with style and grace.